Broken Car Key Removal

You put your key in the lock and turn it only to hear a snap. Don’t stand waiting outside of your home or business or sitting in your car with a broken key for just anyone to help you get back on your way. You may feel overwhelmed the moment you feel your key break but our certified locksmiths can be by your side in minutes.

Broken Key Removal Process

Our Metroplex locksmith experts use specialized tools designed specifically for raking out keys so you can get on with your day as soon as possible. You can trust that our certified experts will help you get your key out safely, without damaging the lock in your home, business or even your car. We work with precision to remove the key head, and then align the key within the lock to make the extraction easier. Our Metroplex technician will lubricate the lock after removing debris then use a hook to safely remove the key fragment.

You can trust that our certified Metroplex locksmith can remove your broken key carefully without applying pressure to either side of the key, which may cause it to break again.

Metroplex Locksmith Removal Services in DFW

Our certified technicians can help you get back in your home or business or back on the road with locksmith services that include:

  • Removing your broken key efficiently and securely
  • Manufacturing a new set of keys
  • Re-keying your locks
  • Changing your locks entirely
  • Reprogramming your transponder key (for automobiles)
  • Making a new ignition key (for automobiles)

If you need help removing a broken key from your business, home, car or motorcycle, contact your trusted DFW locksmith experts from Metroplex Locksmith so you can get on with your day stress-free. We service Dallas-Fort Worth and provide on-site services and are also available by appointment.

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