Mercedes W204/W207 Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) Replacement Service

The electronic steering lock that Mercedes has installed in a wide variety of their vehicles has become a very well-known sore spot for owners. This simple theft prevention device fails and fails often, and when it does it can leave you with a stranded vehicle and a huge repair bill. If your ignition or steering lock are starting to go bad you should replace them right away, before they leave you stranded and while replacing them is still easy.

While the dealership can charge thousands of dollars for replacing this unit, here at Metroplex Locksmith we can help you for a fraction of what the dealership charges.

We replace these modules every week on Mercedes vehicles since it is one of the most common faults for Mercedes. Google w204 Steer lock replacement and you will see endless blogs and posts dealing with the same issues. We offer a mobile service and same day repair for most vehicles with these fault. Call us today at 888-406-7751.