Subaru Smart Key Programming

Subaru BIU Reflashing for all keys lost
Subaru has changed the game a bit with their newer car keys. Usually when we program a key into an older Subaru, we cut a key and plug a diagnostic computer into your car and program it. On the newer models listed below it was quite a bit different. Until recently you had to use an OEM Dealer scan tool to accomplish this and you NEED at least 1 already programmed key to program in a new one. We now have the ability to make spare keys and remotes for you if you have at least 1 key or Proximity key available. The standard procedure for when you lose your LAST and only key according to the dealer is to remove the Body Integrated Unit (BIU) and replace it with a new one. This is because programming is dependent on having an enrolled key to add in more. Fear not! We have an affordable solution to this problem and you get to keep your original BIU in the process!

Subaru BCM

Subaru G Chip Remote head key BIU reflashing
Take note that the key is NOT laser cut and has a “G” stamped on the blade of the key, just under the black plastic head.

If you’ve lost the last key to your newer Subaru we can manually write new keys into the BIU saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For our Dallas-Fort Worth area customers, this involves us removing the BIU from your car and manually writing a new key value inside the BIU’s key database and re-installing it. The key that we provide is ready to start the car once the BIU is re-installed.

Special Note to out of state customers: The transponder chip that starts your car programs in separately from your remote functions (lock and unlock buttons etc.). If you request a key with a remote on the top you will have to take it to a local locksmith with the capabilities to do this or a dealer to get this programmed in. Local DFW area customers are not affected by this as we are there with the necessary equipment to program the remote for you.

Currently we can program keyed ignition type of vehicles and smart key vehicles ( push to start cars) . As of August of 2018 Subaru dealer charges $1300-$1400 to program a key if you have lost all your keys for a smart proximity car(push to start). We can provide a new key for you for less than half the price of the dealer!! Yes you heard right! Prices for a push to start vehicle all keys lost start at $650. Call us today to take care of your vehicle, we guarantee same day service and savings of more than 50% on all keys lost.

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