Wireless Ignition Module (WIN) Replacement Service

Wireless Ignition Module WIN Replacement for Chrysler/Dodge

Is your Dodge or Chrysler vehicle giving you a bad key message or doesn’t start at all? Is the key falling while driving the car from the ignition or the car suddenly turns off? One of the most common faults for FOBIK type of ignitions is the WIN Module. There is a recall on this vehicles but if you are out of warranty you are looking at a hefty bill from the dealership.

Replacement of a WIN module and programming at the dealership is around $850 that doesn’t include the towing fee to take the car to the dealer… If you are having issues like this, give us a call we offer a mobile service and same day delivery and installation on most vehicles.

Do not pay dealer price we can help you get back on the road quick and without breaking the bank. Our WIN modules are original MOPAR parts and have a 2 year warranty! Call us today at 888-406-7751.

Here is a list of the vehicles with a WIN module. Most modules price is $550 with the programming fee and delivered to your vehicle!

2008-2010 Chrysler Town and Country
2008-2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
2008-2010 Dodge Journey
2009-2010 VW Routan
2008-2012 Chrysler 300
2011-2015 Chrysler Town and Country
2008-2012 Dodge Charger
2009-2014 Dodge Challenger
2010-2013 Dodge Durango
2011-2015 Dodge Grand Caravan
2008-2010 Dodge Magnum
2008-2012 Dodge Ram
2008-2010 Jeep Commander
2008-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2011-2014 VW Routan